The Memorable and Quick Bromo Ijen Tour Package

The Memorable and Quick Bromo Ijen Tour Package. If you don’t have much time, you still can visit the enchanting Bromo. By reviewing this writing, you can manage your own quick yet memorable Bromo tour package. The main attractions of the mountain are its breath-taking natural view and the view of sunrise and sunset. You can start your journey from Probolinggo in evening or even night. Make sure you have rented a jeep, so you can move easily there. If you start from the evening, just mark your journey by seeing the beautiful sunset from the lowest view point. It is Montigen hill in Cemoro Lawang as the nearest hamlet, or if you want more impressive view, go higher to B29 peak or even to Penanjakan.

The Memorable and Quick Bromo Ijen Tour Package

Bromo Ijen Package Tour

If you arrive there at night, you can check in the local inn in hamlet then or set up your tent at B29 peak. The peak is one of the most favorite places of hikers. While waiting for the dawn, you can go around finding a perfect spot as your Bromo’s Milky Way. Many tour agents do not include this in their Bromo tour package, so ask them or you arrange it by your own. Since it is dark up there, you can see the night sky view better than any other place on earth. To capture it, make sure you bring the finest camera.

Then, you should wake up at 3 in the morning. Go to Penanjakan 1; it has the most admirable view of sunrise compared to other sunrise viewpoints in Bromo. There, you can make a time lapse or just taking photograph of the mountains and hills around. Finish enjoying the sunrise; it’s time to go down. On the way down, you can go by for a while to the Bromo’s crater. Well, that’s the quick bromo ijen tour package. If you’re really quick, you will arrive at the nearest regency before midday.

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