Planning a Vacation to Bromo? Know These 5 Things First

Planning a Vacation to Bromo? Know These 5 Things First. When is the best time to Bromo? How much is the budget needed for a vacation there? Do you have to hire a jeep in Bromo? The article we reviewed below will answer your question.

Planning a Vacation to Bromo? Know These 5 Things First

Planning a Vacation to Bromo? Know These 5 Things First will give a few explanations about the holiday plan to Bormo Mountain which you must know in advance.

1. The best time to visit

Planning a vacation to Bromo in the near future? Reconsider your plan. Because the best time to visit Bromo is during the dry season.

Supposedly, this month has entered the dry season, but because of the influence of global warming. weather changes become uncertain. Morning bright, daytime it rained so hard. So, you could say, there are no definite month benchmarks.

When I walked to Bromo last May, I was a little disappointed. Although rainfall is not so high, the weather is not friendly. The golden sunrise on the climb does look beautiful, but unfortunately Bromo isn’t the most beautiful sunrise. Because at that time, a cloudy sky slightly covered the sunlight.

So, visiting Bromo in the dry season is considered the best time because at that time the weather was very bright, not cloudy. Sunrise is also seen very clearly. Isn’t sunrise the main destination for Bromo? It’s a pity if we miss Golden Sunrise Bromo.

2. Take a trip to Bromo, don’t you buy a jeep?

Before deciding to rent a Jeep, where will you start the trip? Because the jeep rental price adjusts the place of departure. Jeep rentals from Wonokirti Pasuruan and Cemoro Lawang Probolinggo are far cheaper than you rented from Malang or Surabaya. Okay, we assume you started the journey from Malang.

Well, the decision to hire a jeep or not depends on you. If you are traveling together (more than 4 people), it is cheaper to rent a jeep. Jeep rental packages with the aim of Bromo Crater, Whispering Sand, and Savana Padang from Malang are priced at around 1,250,000 Rupiah.

However, if you are traveling alone, motorbike rental is more efficient. Many motorbike rentals in the city of Malang. Rent a motorbike long before leaving for Malang. So when you arrive, the motorbike is ready. The cost of motorbike rental per day is around 80,000 Rupiah. That still doesn’t include gasoline.

3. Lodging while in Malang

If you go to Bromo from Malang and decide to rent a jeep, you better stay in Malang. Although there are not many cheap lodging options like in Yogyakarta, there are some hotels that are quite comfortable.

With money of 49,587 rupiah, you can stay at hostel style in Tya Backpackers Malang. This inn is located in the center of the city of Malang, so it’s quite easy to access you to travel.

Other cheap lodging recommendations are at Kavie Hostel Malang. As with Tya Backpackers, this inn is indeed reserved for those of you who are backpacking or traveling with minimal budget. Rental cost per night is 74,380 rupiahs.

One more thing, you only need to spend 100,000 rupiah to stay at Malang Hotel. The facility is pretty good. This hotel is about 10 minutes from Tugu Malang Square.

4. Malang to Bromo

The trip to Bromo is easier if you rent a jeep. You only need to wait at the inn, then the jeep picks up and takes you to Mount Bromo. Usually, the jeep driver will pick you up at midnight. So, you won’t miss watching the sunrise.

For a full day, the jeep driver will take you around Bromo. Starting from watching the sunrise on the climb, playing in whispering sand, to the Bromo crater, and don’t forget the beautiful photos in the Savana desert. After you are satisfied, the Jeep driver takes you back to the Malang inn.

As for those of you who decide to rent a motorcycle, your trip to Bromo is a little longer and more challenging. But, I guarantee, you will get a traveling experience that is no less exciting.

The trip from Malang to Bromo by motorbike takes about 2 to 3 hours. The path that you take is quite long and winding. Rural views, rice fields and forests will accompany your trip.

Because your Bromo tourist destination is sunrise, you better look for lodging around Bromo, not in Malang. Early in the morning, you can continue the journey from the inn to Bromo climb. It is very risky to ride a motorcycle early in the morning to catch sunrise.

Homestay rentals around Bromo are as cheap as in Malang. On average homestays are rented 125,000 per night. The average does not provide breakfast.

From homestay to climbing requires approximately 1 hour by motorcycle. If it is jammed due to the many queues, the journey takes longer.

5. The budget you have to spend